how it works

Do you know?

Kinetic Wireless Switches work from the kinetic energy wireless switches thats generated when you operate the switch. So they can work with No batteries and No wires for lifetime.

how it works

How does it works?

Kinetic Switch communicates with RF + WiFi module through RF 433 MHz.
The module is wired from distribution box and inserted inside the false ceiling.
Thanks to the intelligent WiFi chip inside the module, which allows you to control the light/fan from anywhere in the world through your smartphone.


Why Wireless Kinetic Switches?

Greatly improve efficiency of 40%
Cost reduction of 30%

Wiring Cost

saving of


Office Application

Area                          :    1320m2
Traditional Wire     :    1050m
Smart Wire              :    410m

Wiring Cost

saving of


Building Application

Area                          :    65m2
Traditional Wire     :    152m
Smart Wire              :    43m

Wiring Cost

saving of


Office Application

Area                          :    25m2
Traditional Wire     :    89m
Smart Wire              :    20m

It is right time to eliminate traditional wired switch

wall cutting

Wall cutting






Fear of water

traditional switch solution
smart home kinetic switch solution

Key Advantages wireless kinetic SWITCHES

Install on Glass / Wall

install on glass
install on wall
Device Sharing
Amazon Alexa
Google Assistant

Connect Multiple Switches
with 1 Module

Multiple Switches with 1 Module

Connect Multiple Modules
with 1 Switch

Multiple Modules with 1 Switch

We offer value-added function, that is APP remote control, no matter where you are, just open SWIFT SMART LIFE APP to easily control your home lighting!

APP remote control light module
APP remote control dimmer module

Models and Colours


1 Gang

2 Gang

3 Gang


1 gang white
2 gang white
3 gang white


1 gang silver
2 gang silver
3 gang silver


1 gang gold
2 gang gold
3 gang gold
Receiving Controller

1. Kinetic Switch Brochure
2. User Manual for ERC309
3. User Manual for ERC310

Receiving Controller

ERC309 – Light Module
ERC310 – Fan Module

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wireless technology?

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